We start colts both for harnessracing and under saddle using a gentle, slow approach to guarantee a stressfree start to our young horses careers.

Most of our own saddle horses are started and brought along in the Vaquero tradition starting in the hackamore and progressing to the two rein and hopefully finish as a true bridle horse. Cattle work, roping and cutting, are implemented in the program aswell.

We do take in a limited number of outside horses when time permits. Customers horses are started using a similar approach where the individual dictates the speed of our progress. We work with justabout any kind of horse and have started Quarter horses, Thorroughbreds, Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage horses and Pony's with success, making a confident, safe and willing partner.

The trotters are equally started slow and easy and brought along on our lokal dirtroads and eventually graduating to the track.


Martin will hold a clinic every now and again, mainly focusing on the hackamore to bridle progression and an occassional cowworking clinic.